Learn more about our teachers and staff members:

Principal – Chrissy Buschur
Secretary – Shirley Nelson

Nurse – Shelly McGugin


Preschool - Mia Linehan and Teresa Perkins

Kindergarten – Toni Clarkson and Jane Fortener
First – Lisa Hoschar and Linda Slifcak
Second – Debbie Franz  Language Arts/Math Rhonda Berger

Third – Nancy Wing and Katie Ballard
Fourth – Carol Weimer   Language Arts  Rhonda Berger   Math Nicolette Young

Fifth – Carrie Blanco and Sandy Hartz
Sixth – Patti Reuber and Mary Beth Walters
Seventh – Carol Bouffioux and Katy O'Connell
Eighth – Michael Welly and Kim Adams
Physical Ed – Lisa Simmons
Library – Jackie Skiple
Computer Technology – Nicolette Young
Music – Barbara Thomas
Visual Art – Heather Pillow